How To Become a Vendor

Are you interested in becoming a Mint Market vendor?

If you answered "yes", HOORAY! That is so exciting!

Here is all you need to know in order to be a part of our happy event...

  • May 11, 2024

Above are ALL of our upcoming event dates this 2023-2024 market season. The Mint Market is every second Saturday of the month unless stated otherwise. Vendor Applications open towards the end of each month; The exact date will be announced days beforehand on this website and on our Instagram.

The Mint Market Vendor Application Process:

The Mint Market looks for businesses who put thought and effort into their booth. Businesses that sell vintage clothing, antiques, handmade items & baked goods.. unique services (like permanent jewelry or a photobooth for example!)

If your business doesn't fall under the categories listed above, but you believe would still be a great fit for our market.. We are of course, absolutely open to learning about you & what you do!!

In order to participate in The Mint Market events, you will need to provide your Arizona TPT License number. Your TPT must also have The City of Mesa, "ME", region code added to it.

If you do not yet have a TPT license.. OR if you have a TPT license but don't have the "ME" code added, here are some links to help you obtain both below!

"How to set up your TPT account" guide:

Applying for TPT License:

How to add a location to your TPT:

This link explains how to add a location to your TPT online... this is how you'll add the "ME" region code if you haven't yet already.

Now, if you DO have a TPT license and just need to add The City of Mesa as a new location... to speed up the licensing process, you can actually go into the City of Mesa building in downtown Mesa and walk out with this license that same day!

The fee for the "ME" license is $20.00 online or in-person.

The rest of application is a piece of CAKE.. We promise!! :)

We ask you questions like:

"What's your name"... "What's your email?"... & ask that you tell us a little bit about you and your awesome business!

After you submit your application, The Mint Market will look over your form and if approved,  will contact you through email within72 hours!! MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM MAIL FOR AN APPROVAL EMAIL FROM US!!!! Sometimes they like to hide in there!

Thank you SO much for your interest in joining our market!! :)